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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Doilies and Roses

Had a go at making doily-esque things...and followed up with some roses for the center. I'm not sure what type of hair accessory this is called. In lolita I think it would be a canotier, but after googling to check if that were true, canotiers seem to be boater hats! I'm confused, but I guess I learned something new.

A rather large blue rose. I don't think I'll permanently attach it. It doesn't look as nice as I was hoping. But I've got three small ones that will likely take it's place!

I quite like this one. It's like a smaller version of the one above, but not...and is one of the round pins.

Got around to finishing this one. Totally different from the original layout. And definitely better. I make so many things that I wish I could keep for myself! But at least with photo documentation I can see what they look like so that I can remake them for myself~

My dad found this pocket mirror and thought it was mine. It's nothing special and has a logo on it. Likely a freebie that my mom brought home years ago. I accepted it and thought to decorate it a bit. Another doily-esque project and more lace bows. I think I'll add a few rhinestones though.

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