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Friday, December 30, 2011

Moo+Etsy Cards

Moo's got this collaboration thing with Etsy, so I was able to get 50 free cards, just had to pay shipping. I think it's a pretty good deal since using there was no charge in using photos. Makes for some pretty rad business cards since they display the types of things being made. I just wish I could pick how many of each card I would get! I would've rather had an extra of any other card than the Bunka Doll...

I put the sticker on the back of my phone. ;3

They're awesome and sturdy, way better than the Vistaprint cards!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Round Flowers and Mori Pins

First, I made a page for Chasing the Frill - > Chasing the Frill on Facebook Woohoo. ;3

Made more mori-inspired pins, some more mori than others. The photos of the round pins are prior to sewing the parts down.

I really like this one. The white buttons have been sewn down with black thread. It's probably the mori-est of the pins because of the darker and earthy tones.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Vanilla Pink Bunny

Finally completed this oddly cute bunny. I actually finished it on the 22nd, but I wanted to wait until after Christmas. Yeah, this is a Christmas gift, not *from* me though. But she did get to pick the colors and how it would be distributed, hence the color combo. I quite like the bright pink and vanilla white together, but it's much too bright for me to use for personal items. Oh well.

Pre-assembly, to see how it would look all together. It's kinda like it's wearing a sweater. The color in the specific pieces make it look kind of panda like too.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Round Flower Pin

Weather's been getting colder here in San Diego. Or maybe it's just my house, specifically my room. The sun has been out lately, and I'm sure that things feel okay outside, but my room has just been so cold! I haven't been out in two days, I would know. Yesterday night [aka this morning at some ungodly hour] I tried a new style of pin. Like most pins I make, I usually have mori girl in mind.

Nothing is actually sewn down in the photo. I just wanted to check layout. The blue flower is actually made from the leftover yarn I used in this bunny. The reason it's so thin is because I unraveled the yarn. Four individual strings, which involved lots of twisting, pulling, and some untangling. But this way I can make more delicate flowers and get four items made with the amount I would usually use for one! Although, next time I'll probably make it a bit shorter, as there was extra that ended up getting used for the ring.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Animal Scarf updates

I've been greatly neglecting the current commissions I have. One for a dual-colored bunny, and the other for a deer. I've just been pretty busy recently, that I either forget or don't have time to work. But mostly forgetting. My deadline for the pink/vanilla one is Christmas, so I'll probably finish it first. Especially since I've already been paid for it.