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Thursday, January 5, 2012


I recently won a giveaway hosted by a fellow crafter in San Diego, Carla of Tiny.Angry.Crafter. She's someone I've met a few times for different occasions, such as doll meet ups and conventions, and is a lovely person to be around.

Her crafts are also fantastic.

I received two items, an octopus and a pair of wristwarmers, both in this foresty-moss green [which is great, because green is my favorite color].

The octopus! Super cute, and will probably live on my cellphone after I attach a strap and stuff to it. It can be best friends with my Chickpea Mameshiba that also lives on my phone. I especially love how it's tendrils curl. Makes it fun to hold in my hand since they wrap around my fingers and kind of "hold on." Or maybe I'm just too amused by it.

Also included were a couple business cards, two with pictures and two standard. I really like the octopus+chopsticks picture and the overall design of the standard card, so I'll probably keep those and give away the other two. To whom I'm not entirely sure yet. Probably people who appreciate Harry Potter and want a pair of wristwarmers in house colors.

Speaking of wristwarmers, these are the pair I received. Very comfy and warm, yet sadly the weather here hasn't been that cold! It's been warm during the day, and cold at night, but I'm usually indoors where things are warm enough. But I think it'll probably be colder when spring rolls around, so maybe I'll get a chance to wear them out then. I'd really like another pair in a brown/beige/offwhite/whatever color...maybe with cable-stitching, but the ribbing is nice too. Even though I know the very basics of knitting, I am not a knitter! So it's cool to have something knit by someone who knows what she's doing.

Over all, even though I didn't buy these things, I'd totally purchase from her in the future. ;3

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  1. I'm so so glad to hear you're happy with your items!! =D I hope it cools down enough to wear the warmers! It's been too summery here lately, and it's only January!

    Thank you for the lovely, and honest review, it made me smile <3 <3 -hugs-