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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blue Mint Bunny Scarf Progress

While watching Tron: Legacy Thursday evening, I started on a new bunny scarf. Aside from my first bunny, this probably the fastest I've got the scarf done, as I've just completed it about a half hour ago. Even though it's just the scarf right now, it's the most tedious part, so with that out of the way, the rest of the bunny should be done by the end of the night, or by tomorrow night. I'm thinking a black ribbon or a white crochet bow accessory.

AoD MiMi "Leilah-Marie"

In non-crochet business, I got some velvet flowers from Japan. I was in a local group order for it and I just bought them on impulse while I had the chance. They're really quite lovely, but I can't think of anything to attach them to/accessory to make from them. I braided my hair yesterday and wove them in, so they're pretty nice as is with just the wire. I might just keep them that way and weave them into things as needed.
Also, made the bow at a Lolita craft meet up. It's got a snappy clip in the back. I need more fabric bows.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mori Pins

Flowers for mori-pins. Instead of just making pins one at a time as I go, I think it would be more efficient to make all the pieces and then assemble. This way, all I gotta do is pick a flower, some trim, and get to work.

Custom "lace" I crocheted. Varying lengths mostly because counting stitches for something like this is kind of unnecessary, and it makes the piece even more...one of a kind.

I bought new yarn today. I have four scarves I need to make, three bunnies and one deer. Sadly, I couldn't find the preferred color of purple, so I'm going to either need to look through more stores or settle on the ones that were available. But for now, I've got enough to keep me busy!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I made biscotti last weekend. It was a good reason to buy almond extract. Stuff smells super delicious. And the biscotti tasted great too. I had it Lady Grey last night, and it was excellent! Especially since I'd been crunching on the stuff plain the past week, last night was my first time getting to dip it. Heavenly~ I'm glad I didn't bother with a chocolate coating. Although, once the weather gets really cold, I think some chocolate coated biscotti and coffee would be really pleasant.

Recipe: Almond Biscotti

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Variety of Flower Badges

Update! Yeah! Flowers! Four flower pins with chains. I've added a pearl to each since this photo, so they're all done now. I especially like the blue one, I think it goes really well with the pearl in the center.