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Monday, January 9, 2012

Collars + Patterns

This all started with a hat that I knitted myself sometime ago, maybe 3 years ago. It was a red gradient yarn  that was leftover from scarf+hat set I had made for a friend. I wanted to make a long pointed hat, inspired by Link of the Legend of Zelda game series. Of course, being long and pointed was the only inspiration I took, it was red after all and certainly didn't resemble his in any way, even in the red tunic. But I didn't have enough yarn, so it ended up pretty short and instead it became my Pikmin hat. Not that it resembled the red Pikmin much, it just happened to have that sort of rounded shape that came to a point. I then added a leaf to seal the deal.


Wanting to try again, I bought a brown gradient instead since it suited my taste more. I started on it, and eventually put it aside to finish later. It never got finished and I'd lost interest in knitting as time progressed. As I said before, I'm not a knitter! All I managed to whip up was the ribbed brim and a few rows of the hat. I recently unraveled it to make something else, crocheted of course, and turned it into a large slouchy cap/beret. It's a bit too big though, so I don't know if I'm going to unravel that and make another hat again, but for now, I like it.

Since I had a long hat in mind, I still have a lot of yarn left over. With it, I thought to make more things for my personal collection. I've been favoring mori/forest girl styles a lot, even though I don't wear it much, but having touches of it when I can is fine too.

So I made a collar! The hook I used was too small, so I tried to compensate by adding more to the original chain. It's a bit odd to wear, but I haven't had a chance to actually coordinate it yet, so perhaps it'll work better then. The button's also too small, I'm going to need to replace it.

This is the pattern I used. I only followed the first three rows as it seemed a bit...much after that.

Because the other collar didn't sit as well as I had hoped, I made another following a different pattern. I'm really quite fond of this one. It was very simple to make [well, the other was pretty easy too, but I enjoyed making this one more] and turned out perfect.

I love how the pattern looks, although, I guess it is kind of difficult to see here. I also accidentally grazed over the pattern a little and messed up without realizing, but at least I kept it consistent! I still like it though.

I even edited the pattern a little [shortened it] and made a matching bow. Made the same pattern mistake here though since I wasn't using the pattern for reference at this point and just going off memory.

The original pattern was meant to fancy up an old sweater, so it also includes cuffs.

I saw something like this on tumblr I think, and wanted to make something similar. I think the original used brighter colors for the strawberries and just different material for the rest. I'm waiting on a package full of double brooches, because this is definitely going on one.


  1. I want to make strawberries and crocheted collars now >___> SO adorable! Keep up the great work <3

  2. The collar looks so cute with the strawberries! ♥
    I've been working on a crochet collar for awhile, but I have the tendency to start a project and never finish.