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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Colored Eyes

I was running low on safety eyes and with Anime Conji coming up in two months, I need to stock up. Yet I somehow ended up with colored eyes instead of restocking the solid black. I wanted to experiment, and the supplier that I had originally gotten the black from also had a pair of albino/pink eyes. They were cool...but I wasn't sure about buying them yet. I waited too long and someone else snagged them. Instead of just buying the black eyes, I looked up another shop that also had albino eyes, but more red. Wasn't about to let the opportunity slip again, so I bought them along with another two pairs of eyes, also colored.

Octopus mini card~

Eyes and washers. They're different than the other eyes I have, but as long as the eye stays in, then eh, whatev's.

I am totally satisfied with this purchase <3

Both my cats have gold/yellow eyes, this kind of reminds me of them, specifically Peanut though, since she's black [and white]. The gold looks good against the black though. They'd probably look nice with dark/richly colored yarn. Gold is a luxurious color after all.

Pearl looks nice too. I think it work with would almost any colored yarn, since the pearl is a more neutral color. I look forward to using these two colors, and other colors in the future.

So cool!

I got a little excited about the new eyes. But I have no doubt this bunny, when completed, will go to a nice home. And I would certainly love to get more of these red eyes! 5 pairs simply isn't enough!


  1. Ooo The different colors are nifty! Which shop did you get them from?

  2. http://www.etsy.com/shop/trulyoutrageous