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Friday, January 28, 2011

First Listing!

Made the first listening for ChasingTheFrill. Woohoo!

First Bunny Muffler

This is Charity, my first bunny muffler/scarf. She's completely crocheted, similar to amigurumi. She isn't complete yet, she still needs eyes and some accents. Since she's my first, she's part of my personal collection.

Progress picture of my next scarf. He's a beige color, the yarn calls it "Bone" I guess. His head is a bit bigger, which may or may not look better. His ears aren't attached yet either. He'll likely have fancy button eyes, and I've already got ribbon/lace tied for accent. If I can secure a pattern for these guys, they might end up in the shop. ;3

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Soon to be Listed

First of the fun word is a bottle filled with different plants, mostly baby's breath and the petals of some other flower I picked around the neighborhood. "Nonsensical" is actually my personal favorite word, so I had to use it somehow in a bottle! Better photos of course will be taken for the actual listing. It's not that dark in the bottle, that's just how my camera's flash treated it.

Frosted bottle thing. More baby's breath, this time meant to look like it was in a frozen/freezing bottle.

Both bottles are still in limbo as to whether they'll be sold as phone charms or necklaces...

Monday, January 24, 2011

fancy intro post.

one day, i'll write a nice introduction post filled with flowery language, when all i'm really saying is what's written at the top of the page.