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Thursday, January 26, 2012

AC Prep: Round Flower Pins

I bought more yarn. Yay! More white! Along with some black safety eyes - 9mm & 6mm, jump rings, new crochet hooks in varying sizes, and a tiny round of ric-rac and ribbon [it was a dollar and i liked the colors]. I am so excited to have yarn to work with again~ Because I gotta say, I was feeling kind of bored without crocheting all the time. It was a little sad not having much to keep me busy right before classes started again...
I'd post a photo of my yarn, but I ended up buying colors I'd had before, save for a new shade of red. Oh well, they're good colors!

New white yarn, blue ric-rac flower-thing, and a green bow~ Not sure how I feel about having the white lace bow though, but something needed to fill the space. I might replace it with a yarn one instead.

Simple round pins with roses and lace bows. I like how 'classic' these are, especially the second one.

A necklace I just made for myself last night. Wanted something to match my HANGRY&ANGRY shirt.

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