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Friday, January 13, 2012

AC Prep: Bows 2

I've been watching Bones a lot lately. I've also been making a lot of bows. At the same time. I know, my multitasking abilities are amazing ;P

Neapolitan bows with a brown center instead of vanilla. I figured since I had more brown, I should be using it so I can save more of the vanilla. I really really reaaaaally like the neapolitan bows. But I've run out of pink!

I ran out of this pink as well, thus the black center. I'm not too fond of it, but I know other people would like it.

Used up the last of my bone colored yarn scrap for these two and medium one that I forgot to take a picture of. I really like these too. Makes me think of coffee.

This one's for my personal collection. Making so many of the neapolitans made me want one too! The tiny one didn't work out so well since I was using a scrap of the soft pink, not the victorian rose, so there was barely enough. It ended up being too small and tight that it couldn't be pinched in the center. I guess it looks kind of silly.

I'm always open for bunny scarf commissions.
I can also make bears and probably cats with a bit of tweaking. And maybe dogs and foxes.
You're welcome to comment or email me at chasingthefrill@gmail.com 
Everything I make is almost always available for commission. Please don't be afraid to ask!

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