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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My First Mittens

Since I used two colors, I had quite a bit of extra yarn from both. I used quite a bit of the pink though, which was also the color that got used the most...

I made mittens! My first time making them. Sure, they're not knit, but this pattern was much easier to follow since I know how to read them! I mention knit, because one of my friend's wanted me to knit her mittens one year if I could figure out the pattern from the English Gothic & Lolita Bible. I still have no clue how to read it, let alone know where it is now. I also don't know how to read diagrams/charts/whatever. I need instructions written out. Yup...


I finished the other one, but this is just to show what it looks like following the pattern. The second mitten doesn't have a bow though. I like that they don't match exactly in that sense.

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