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Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Giveaway Winners

Hey hey hey! All right, June Giveaway is over! I think it had a pretty good turnout, with 49 entries! There were 51 comments all together, but some didn't follow the rules - not putting name/nickname, email, hero/derby/drag/whatever name in the first comment or putting multiple entries into one comment. Since they had to be in separate comments, they only counted as one. Sorry to those this happened to...
But lets move on!

Here's all the entries being put into the randomizer.

And the winners are----

Jeremy is the first winner! You get first prize pick!
Emily is the second winner! You get second prize pick!
And Sly is the third winner! You get the third prize!

I will e-mail all of you, one after the other. I will e-mail Jeremy first, asking for his choice, then go down the line from there. However, if I do not receive a reply in 72 hours, I will move down the list. So please, look out for an e-mail from chasingthefrill [at] gmail [dot] com!
Thank you everyone who participated!


  1. omg thank you so much! I'll be waiting for your email then x)

  2. I didn't recieve a message...

  3. I sent you two, the first on Saturday and the second on Monday.

  4. If we got your email, around what time were we suppose to get the prizes. Or you haven't send them yet?

  5. I sent them out a while ago.
    I'm sorry, but I never got a reply from you. I think Gmail is eating my emails ;/
    I'll remedy this, I'm really sorry, just give me some time [i'm still adjusting to school]