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Friday, June 29, 2012

Pony Marshmallow

As you may remember my first pony marshmallow, it was cute, squishy, and fits in a mug. Although, I guess I don't have mug pictures here. Another post then. I got commissioned to make two, a unicorn and a pegasus. I bought more yarn and eyes, but the eyes aren't here yet! I did have one pair left though, so I did get to make one of them.

From last night, using purple yarn for my marker. It kind of looks like dinosaur/dragon spikes!

I really like putting these knots on stuff. In this case, freckles! The easy part of this one over the ones on Big Mac is that I didn't have specific placements for them. Just needed to sprinkle them under the eyes and on the "nose."

Ears, tail, and horn!

Here she is all finished. She kind of looks like "The Great and Powerful" Trixie! I did like Trixie, maybe I'll make a Trixie for myself.

Her freckles!

Next up is a black pegasus stallion with two toned mane and tail. I hope that'll turn out well.

Also-----! Six hours left until the giveaway is over!

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