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Monday, July 2, 2012

Marshmallow Pair

Continuing from the last Pony marshmallow post! Here is the pair together, unicorn mare and pegasus stallion. Not that you can really tell the difference between mare and stallion. Except, I think I make stallions 2 rows longer. I can't remember...

Since I was waiting for eyes to arrive, I decided to start on the smaller parts. Ears and the first wing. I thought about making closed wings, but little open ones seemed cuter.

Two tone mane! I really liked doing the mane for this one. Not just the two colors, but the asymmetrical style.

The wings are kind of difficult to photograph...mostly because it's black and the lighting still isn't at it's best. But I was too excited to get this post up. I mean, I did wait until I at least had natural light to take these photos instead of last night...

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