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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Strawberry Bunches

For a special order I've made a few strawberries. I still have more to make too. 10 all together. I wasn't sure if they needed to all be the same size or what, but after seeing that they were going to be for a hat and a cardigan and whatever else, I thought to do different sizes. I'm really glad Diana asked, since it forced me to buy green yarn. And maybe she could take some fancy pictures of all the other things I've made that are now hers [action shots? this blog and the facebook page need more worn photos...]

Biggest strawberry of the bunch. I didn't have a quarter for scale...so have a nickle instead.

Medium size. All the leaves aren't attached yet, hence the pins.

Smallest pair, still on the vine. When I saw that they were for Angelic Pretty's Sheep Garden, and looking up print close ups I saw that it had strawberry bunches in twos and threes. Three seemed like too much though...two is always good.

It was difficult to take a picture of them dangling...especially since I had to hold up the fabric too. It wasn't bright enough yet when I took the pictures for my camera to stay focused and take the photo quickly.

I bought baby yarn too. This stuff is so ridiculously soft, I just want to roll around on it. I wish I had more. It cost the same as the Caron yarn that I buy, but it's only half the length. I guess because it's so fluffy. It's great, but it's so difficult to work with! Partially because my hook is two sizes smaller than the gauge on the label and partially because it's so damn fluffy. I can't see my stitches! It was a lot of guesswork making this bow. But at least all the fluff covers any possible mess ups. It still looks super cute. I should have bought rhinestones and pearls while I was out too...

Busted open some red fabric dye. I only used a tiny bit of it though. I just wanted to add some color to an amigurumi hot air balloon I made. The basket and balloon are set, the balloon just needs some coloring. It's actually a lot pinker now. I've been dipping the top in every couple of hours to try to get a gradient. I'm hoping the finished product will make a nice charm.

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