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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mushroom Necklace

I wanted to title this post "The Mushroom of course!" but I've already used it for another mushroom related post...
Originally this was going to be part of the June Giveaway in the classic prize pack as a phone strap. I clearly decided against it, as it looked much too white and too plain, and I was already using enough of the white crochet thread in each prize pack. It could probably stand alone as a random amigurumi in a bunch, as decoration, or even a pincushion. You can make anything into a pincushion. But I'd probably lose it if I left it alone, it's too big to be a on a bracelet, and it would be a waste to make it a pin. All that's left is a necklace.

I like the delicate look of the chain on this necklace than on the bowtie necklaces. It just works with the pure white of the mushroom and the small lace bow.

It's mori, it's classic, it's simple.

*Behind the scenes!* I mean, I'm sure it was obvious that I've been using a bedsheet as my backdrop/background. Usually I just lay it across a flat surface, but since this is a necklace I had to prop it up against something.

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