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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Classic/Mori Prize Progress

Finally finished up the classic prize pack for the June Giveaway. Instead of the usual lace or even adding a ruffle to the bow, I made my own. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what kind to make, like flowers or cherries, but I couldn't seem to get it down or it was just to big. Instead I altered a design I saw and simplified it, making it smaller and easier to manage.

This was originally part of the giveaway post, since it wasn't done yet. The post has been updated too of course. At the time, I only had row of trim done, hence the close up preview.

Here's all four. Since I was adding it to an already made bow, I couldn't do two rows, which may have been easier in assembling.

All put together. I really like how the tea-coloring looks with the pink. Even though the white was nice too, using it just seemed to easy. I like being able to color this thread since it's cotton, meaning it actually holds color.

I've started making wrist strap styled phone straps. At first I was going to have a mushroom phone strap be one of the prizes, but it was too white and looked too plain on it's own. I made this strap to accompany the mushroom, but they didn't look good together. Instead, I left it as just the strap as it was mori-girl enough on it's own.

I added a button to the other side just because I thought it looked too plain.

It's not exactly a wrist-strap since it's too small for even me to slip it over my hand. The general idea is of course to just be able to slip a few fingers through it to be able to hold whatever it's attached to.
I really like the idea of wrist-straps like this, it certainly makes reaching into a bottomless pit of a bag to find a phone/keys/portable game easier. Unless you've got a million things already dangling from whatever your looking for. At least this is softer to hold on to.

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