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Thursday, June 7, 2012

International Lolita Day Summer '12

 "Fortune Cookie" tea.

No craft post today, sorry. Instead, enjoy some delicious food photos!

This had a silly name like Penguin Surf or something.
It's got goat cheese and mango chutney on top. Yum!

This past Saturday, June 2nd was the summer International Lolita Day. The local lolitas went to Extraordinary Desserts in Little Italy. It was nice, with a good group turn out. International Lolita Day, even though the exact date changes every year, was my first meet up two years ago. I guess it's sort of my friend-aversary with some of the girls. But of those exact girls, only two of them were present, one of which I actually rode their with.

I shared a delicious but rather tart lemon bar with Christine.

In the end it was a little too much for us to finish.

I was feeling a little down and lonely Sunday night, so I had myself a small tea party for one. Homemade cookies with homemade mulberry jam and soda bread. Since it was already kind of late, I didn't want to have any caffeinated tea and ended up using some random lemon herbal tea. It was good though. Still have lots of mulberries left over that needs to be used. My mom wants me to make more cookies. Sounds like a plan.

Craft post next time.

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