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Friday, August 24, 2012

Fluff and Fluff

About a week ago I found yarn for sale at WalMart [half price!] and I just HAD to buy them! I got four skeins, two white, one pink, and one blue/white mix. The first thing I made with it was a sheep! How could I not? And it's way more easier to work with than the other fluffy yarn since it's a different kind of fluffy.

It's pretty small, fits in the palm of my hand. I didn't really think much about size, I just wanted to make it. Currently it's hanging above my bed on a clasp. I should probably just clip it to my keys.

I wasn't planning on putting a pink bow on it, but when I was gluing the face on, too much glue squished out and I had to cover it somehow.

I finally got around to decorating this bow. It clearly took me a long time to decide what to put on it! After all, I mostly make bows, so to put more bows on a bow was just too obvious. Although, I did put on bow on it. But it needed at least one.

Sparkly blue stars! I finally got my own X-acto knife, so I cut a bunch of strips of paper and got to make some stars. They're coated with glitter and a top coat, so they're pretty hard and water proof. Since they are paper though, it's best not to try and squish them.

The pink bow has some glitter too, the more sparkles the better!
Now, they're no cute star beads, but I think they're still cute and functional, right? More customization this way, since I can make the exact size and color I want even if I do have to wait a while for each coat of whatever to dry.

Had a go at knitting the fluffy yarn too. Much more effective since I can't lose stitches this way! It ended up surprisingly stripey, unlike the crochet version. The colors are also pretty separated too, one side has more yellow and green and the other blue and pink! The shape turned out perfect though, so I think for future fluffy bows I'll be knitting them. Maybe.

I feel like I've been making a lot more fairy-kei styled things. Perhaps enough to make a tag for it...
Here's the new white yarn as a bow with pink in the center. The pink is really light, so it kind of almost blends into the white in the photo. It's a more distinct in person, but it IS a very soft pink.

I don't think I counted stitches when I made it, so it turned out bigger than my usual bows. But considering it's more fairy like, I think it's okay.

I recently started classes this week, so I don't know how often I'll be making crafts, but I'll likely have more art posts. I hope you all will enjoy those as well ;3

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