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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Noh-Face, Soot Sprites, Totoro! What?

This actually came up because my camera sucks and the flash goes crazy sometimes...
And this was taken at 2PM. Looks cool though, right?

Like the title says, all those things are in this post! I'm going to a one-day event called Giga-Con 2012 to sell, hangout, and do some crappy closet cosplay. I think it'll be fun. After Anime Conji, I decided I wanted to try to appeal more to the crowd since I didn't really make a lot of anime-related stuff last time. I'm not really up to date with what's popular, but everyone loves Studio Ghibli! Or at least, everyone loves Miyazaki, can't go wrong with him.

I actually started by finishing off two Kodama I made before Anime Conji, but I'll save them for another post. After that, I popped Spirited Away into my laptop and worked away at Noh-Face. It was a bit difficult trying to get the shape I want since I wanted him to bend over a little. I also didn't weigh down the bottom at first. Had to undo the stitching to fix that later. He doesn't tilt over anymore now.

He's got arms because I was going to make him a bath token, but now I'm reconsidering. Having him permanently hold something makes playing with him [taking silly pictures] limited.

I somehow made him kind of smiley too...

Kind of creepy actually.

You can get a better look at my "embroidery skillz" here.

I wasn't about to bother trying to embroider the rest of the facial markings, so I just wove some gray yarn instead. Looks good enough to me!

After standing!Noh-Face, I wanted to make another Noh-Face. I think around this time I was watching My Neighbor Totoro. Instead of crocheting like I normally do, I decided to knit the strap instead! I thought this would keep it straight unlike the crochet straps that sort of curve a little.

NOPE. The sides curl inward.

Since I was watching Totoro, making dust bunnies/soot sprites seemed appropriate since they do appear in both movies. Keeping with the black and white theme, onto the Noh-Face strap they went!

Aren't they cute?

See? Without a bath token, Noh-Face can hold other things! Even himself! It kind of looks like he's got a body pillow of himself, or a baby Noh-Face.

I also watched Porco Rosso that day too, but Noh-Face kept me pretty busy and I couldn't think of anything iconic from Porco Rosso I could make anyway. Sure, Porco's a pig and he's got his pretty red plane, but those aren't things I could really make. Well, the plane anyway, but I don't have Porco colors either.

I continued with another three movie marathon the next day: Kiki's Delivery Service, Howl's Moving Castle, and Princess Mononoke.

I was going to try to make Jiji, but ended up not doing it since it would have been very experimental and I wanted to make things that would be ready for Giga-Con. Instead, I made more bows. Mostly in red since red is a good color and Kiki wears one. Made two red bow necklaces and a regular one along with a teal bow. The bows, along with dealing with necklace stuff, kept me pretty busy during both movies. Plus food. I took a food break and kept watching.

During Princess Mononoke I knit up another strap. Even though Totoro was the day before, I made one anyway. My gray is very very little, so it was either white or blue. Blue seemed more interesting.

It even has ears! The other side is also completely blue.

And with eyes and a nose! Adding the little triangle markings just seemed troublesome and were left out for convenience.

Whipped up to tiny soot sprites too, still without eyes so they can't see yet. Should I add them or something else to the strap? Or is blue Totoro by itself okay? What do you think?

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