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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ghibli Straps

I've been making a lot of wrist-strap styled phone straps lately. They just look so nice. And are kind of practical. This is the latest addition to the Ghibli strap collection!

White Totoro features an acorn on a chain. A White Totoro by itself definitely would've been too plain. It took me a bit to think of something other than soot sprites to dangle from the chain. Then I remembered that acorns were important icons too, along with leaves and Blue Totoro's bag of acorns and other seeds. I might actually make a little seed pouch for the Blue Totoro strap.

After I get a hold of some gray yarn, you betcha there's going to be another Totoro! I'll consider making a Cat Bus, but I think I might have to actually sketch and plan that out. A couple other Ghibli straps that might be in the works would be Calcifer, Jiji, and Porco.

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