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Friday, September 21, 2012

MY PIE~! Soarin' Pony Chibi

Since my last pony crochet creations were more blobby-cuteness than actual pony, it seemed time to take a different approach. Still cute and chubby, but much more recognizably pony. This is the first of hopefully many.

I spent a while trying to decide which pony to make, since I didn't want to make a random one or use inaccurate colors. I don't remember why I settled on Soarin' since after doing some research last night I found a few other ponies I could have done. Not that it really matters, I think of the options I did find, I think I probably would have picked him anyway.

I made the head two nights ago after much trial and error to get the right shape. I'd like to have different heads to differentiate between mare and stallion. The stallion head still isn't perfect, but thinking about it now, a lot of the stallions don't have the same head shape! Unlike the mares, the stallions do vary, some have flatter snouts and some have a slight curve...maybe I will just leave this one alone.

The mare body will probably be just a little shorter since their heads would be a little shorter compared to the stallion. Gotta keep things balanced. When I first pinned the head on to the body in the first picture, it kept falling over forward and I was so worried and panicking thinking that I should have weighed down the back balance it out. Nope! Stood just fine after adding the stubby little legs.

It's a little odd in front view, but I like the eye placement since it still looks like he can look forward. Kind of. I think that's the problem with most pony plushes, they look great from the side with perfect eyes, but the moment you look at them head on, they look funny! I think that's why most sellers don't include a front shot in photos...

Thankfully all the decreasing stitches get hidden by manes and tails!

Tada! Soarin without flight suit or cutie mark. At this point though, I don't think he'll be getting a cutie mark because I didn't even think about that when I attached his wings. It was evening by this point, hence the lighting change, and I'd spent a lot of time just making him that I forgot he needed wings too. When I got to making them, I decided not to make them open since that just would have been more work and opted for folded wings.

Usually folded wings cover the cutie mark, but considering where I placed them, it's not close enough to his rump to cover up where the mark would be. And now it would just only partially cover it. It's just simpler to not add it at all...and it's not like I have the colors for the lightning bolt anyway...

For what I could do, I really like how his mane turned out. It's got a dip in it toward the back where the hair is shorter or something, but because of the way the yarn in attached, I couldn't quite do it the same. That aside, I'd say the top looks great.

Weird front shot again.

I already put so much work into him, I figured making him a pie wouldn't be that much trouble!

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