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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cake and Fluffy Phonestraps

What do people even do with amigurumi and plushie cakes anyway? I mean, sure it's cute and all...but it really only exists for display purposes. And hats. Little cake hats. Those are cute.

This one isn't stuffed though. It's got a hollow bottom too. Totally empty, so if you squish it, it stays squished. Right now I've got my phonestrap supply stashed inside it. It's pretty small. I guess it could be a cover for something, if you've got something small enough to hide under it. Egg cozy for when it's sitting in one of those single egg holder-things? Who even uses egg cozies anyway?

Anyway...since I gave a friend the last fluffy strap I made for her birthday, I wanted to make more. Fluffy straps are great. They're cute, fluffy, obnoxious, and even kind of practical/useful. They do have wrist-straps after all! Kind of, you can't really put it around your wrist unless your hands are small...Still! Useful! For when you're digging through your bag it's something to grab onto. Seriously, I really like making these kinds of phonestraps [as you may have noticed from the Ghibli ones too].

Unlike the last one, I couldn't find my roll of black ribbon, so instead it's got a pink dyed crochet bow and a rhinestone. Also, instead of two large dangling puffs, it's one large and one small! I think that gives it more variety.

It is so soft to hold onto.

This one has a white base instead of a blue one and the strap is a little shorter too.

Also features two different puff balls, but this time on a chain. In this case, I think I prefer it this way.

It's really only maybe...half an inch shorter than the other.

As I've expressed my love/hate with working with fluffy yarn before, it does look damn nice and I'll probably buy more in the future in different colors. After all, with all those kawaii decoden phone cases out there, there needs to be more cute phonestraps to hang from them! You can never have to many of course.


My current stock! The box is a lot fuller now. I rearranged the bows so now they're in two vertical rows on the left instead of being flat. This way there's more space to be filled. The amigurumi take up a bit of space for there to only be four [Big Mac is under stuff in the back]. I've also moved my business card box into here so I don't keep forgetting where I left it. I've still got another Kodama to add, and probably one more depending on how distracted I get today.

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