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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Luna Bowtique Review

I recently bought a pair of bows from Luna Bowtique. It was a "spend X amount, get a bow free" sort of thing. I do like getting things free, so I kind of jumped on it impulsively. So impulsively actually that I didn't even check out the whole store! I'm still new to Storenvy, so I didn't notice the categories at the top...
I'm still happy with the two bows I did pick though!

Here's the back of the package. It all came in an envelope of course, but that's not really much to share. It did have some cute deco-tape on one end though!

This is one of the things I was excited about getting! I noticed that in a lot of her customer photos, people got lots of stationery and cute things like that. I love stationery, but I have trouble convincing myself to buy any. There was actually another sheet under the Little Twin Stars one, but I didn't notice it until after I took all the photos.
The Purin sheets are my favorite. The old My Little Pony [G3?] stickers are awesome too. I admit, while I did own a few ponies growing up [they're all gone now, all I have left is Moon Dancer that I bought in a large bag of MLP toys from Goodwill for an art project...she's the only one that didn't get used, so I kept her], I don't think I watched any of the shows. I certainly don't remember watching them anyway.

Now then! Bows! Since I didn't look at the whole store my options were limited. I picked out two bows to make the mark. Yellow Totoro bow and yellow cat bow. I like cats and Totoro, and I figured I could use more yellow in my life. I like that the bows are folded over and not just a rectangle pinched in the middle. It gives the bows more substance.

The one thing I wasn't too fond of was the seam on the bottom. A strip of fabric was glued over it, likely for extra strength, but the edges were still raw. Instead of hiding the seam, it's making it more obvious and looks unfinished, especially since it's frayed a little. It should have been more toward the back where the clip is since it'll never be seen there when worn.
That aside, I'm really happy with this purchase!
When I first got it, I didn't like the free bow much since I was hoping the owner would catch on that I wanted yellow bows, but I can't be too picky about that. It's random after all, and free. After wearing it, it's grown on me. I mean, green's my favorite color, I guess the flower print just threw me is all. I just need to figure out more things to wear it with.

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