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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bunka Face Pins

Faceless bunka pin is a little weird to look at, isn't it?
Originally I was going to make a wrist strap phone strap with blue, but with the scallops causing it to curve so much, I thought it could work well as a trim or something instead. Somehow I ended up with a bonnet and started sewing up a white circle to make a face. Hair, pearls, bows later and I ended up with this.

Painted the face on the following day, since I needed time to think about what kind of eyes to put on her. I was too lazy to mix colors so I just used the red and purple I already had.

Accidentally got some red under her mouth...

That aside, I think she turned out pretty cute and surprisingly matched the outfit I wore on new years eve!
Since she turned out so well, I wanted to make more!

This time I painted the face on first! Figured this way I wouldn't mess up.

Didn't mix colors for her eyes, but I did make a lighter more peachy color for her lips. I was thinking mermaid for her colors.

I left a bit of yarn out, thinking a loose flyaway hair could look cute.

Tried to get a sort of sand dollar shape with the bonnet.

Not sure how mermaidy she turned out, but I really like the colors together! I was going to stick some little shells on her too, but all the ones I had were long spiral and not the more snail like kind.
I really like making these, so expect to see more!


  1. I think these would make really cute full sized dolls. Have any thoughts on making one?

    1. Well, I've made regular bunka doll before, but the dress gave me some trouble. I'm not to keen on sewing as much as I use to be, I mostly just like the painting and crocheting part! But I could have a go at making another and just crocheting her dress too.

    2. I understand the sewing part. I can only tolerate it in small amounts. A straight line is about it.

      Crocheting the dress sounds nice.