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Monday, December 31, 2012

Exterminating Bunnies

Last post of the year, yeah!

Now, I'm no Whovian, but I've got plenty of friends who are. This was made as a gift, since awesome not so useful things rank higher than practical things on his gift receiving scale.

Yellow because it was a color I knew I had an abundance of. And I think it'll go well with sitting in his blue car [affectionately named Tardis], assuming he does keep it in there as I suggested.

Size comparison with a lighter. You can see that it's small, but not tiny [like things i usually like making]

I don't know how often bunnies play a key role [if ever] in Doctor Who, so here's the bunny part of the post so it doesn't sound like I'm trying to make some fandom inside joke. About as tall as the lighter + ear length, so maybe close to the Dalek? Just something simple. I'll make a cute cape or hood or some kind of clothing/accessory for it later.

Thick yarn and my largest hook means that my regular tiny [6mm? idk] safety eyes would just fall out. Didn't want to bother with buttons for this, so I just stuck on some black rhinestones. Blingy.

I haven't made a bear in a while, but since I'm offering lucky packs in the shop, I thought I could stick some of them in some. After all, they seem pretty popular on pinterest. I don't how popular really, I just know I get hits from links from them often enough.

Happy New Year

even if it's just 1:15PM where I am.

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