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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bunka Face Pins 2

They kind of remind me of M&Ms. The green one in particular, and I guess the brown one now too since it's female now. Mostly the one on the left though, the one on the right is more generic kawaii face. Whatever, I think she's cute.

Changing up the lip style! Heart shaped~ Refined version of the eyes I tried to do with the mermaid. I think these are much better.

Lighter blush, a smile, and forward looking eyes. Probably the most even eyelashes out of all four of them.

I actually mixed colors this time! Light blue eyes.

And green~ I love the sparkle in her eyes.

Went with a different hair approach too. I think her hair is probably my favorite and was surprisingly the easiest to do. Something about slightly curved yarn across their head is difficult.

Light blue accents on her bonnet to add more color. She's a little milk maid-ish I guess...

Pearl detailing. I love how light and pastel she is.

Went a darker route for her. Red and green do complement each other.

She gave me some trouble, mostly with the rhinestones. She originally was going to have them along the scallops of the bonnet, but I had some glue showing near the bottom and ended up just covering that up with the rhinestones instead.

I think she still looks lovely though.

They seem to have gotten bigger as I made them. Probably because I outlined and painted them before hand. The eyes managed to get smaller and further apart too. I guess I didn't take into consideration the seam and where the hair and bonnet would be. It's something I'll definitely improve upon next time.

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