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Monday, January 21, 2013

Mint Kismet Commodities Review

Last week I purchased from Mint Kismet Commodities on Storenvy. MKC use to be a blog run shop and recently made the move to Storenvy. The shop is run by a long distance couple, one in the US and the other in Japan. They usually stock cute things like Swimmer, Rilakkuma/San-X, and alpaca things.

 A while back when they were starting up, I won a giveaway for a $5 voucher. I've been saving it forever because whenever they stock something I like, someone else beats me to it! I finally decided to use it to buy cute cat stationery and a Swimmer notepad. I pretty much just bought pretty paper.

Since these aren't crafty/homemade items, I'll review her service as a seller. I first sent her an email on the 13th to ask about how to handle the voucher since the shop moved [and details about the Swimmer notepad] and she replied within the day. I'd give a more accurate time, but my email says the reply came an hour before I sent the message. I'm guess time zone differences or something. After that, I placed the order and left a note about the voucher. I was refunded the $5. The order was shipped on the 16th and arrived the 19th [or the 18th, but I didn't check the mail that day]. Over all I'd say she has excellent communication [the shop use to be on blogspot after all, which means lots of messaging]. And you can see that the package came wrapped up in a bag and in a bubble mailer. I would definitely purchase from her again.

The card. The blog is mostly for big updates now, tumblr for smaller updates.

My purchase!

I completely overlooked the fact that the stationery was listed as "mini" so I was totally surprised when I saw how small it was. Especially the black envelope. It's a little bit smaller than two squares of Ghirardelli chocolates! They're so super cute though, I don't know when I'll actually use them. They also say "My Sweet Charming Lover," so I don't think I'll be use it for thank you notes...

I wasn't quite sure about how the Swimmer notepad would work since the product picture was just the notepad still in plastic. It's a reversed pad with the binding on the bottom, it's kind of weird. It has three layers with a plastic cover over the front. The varying sizes is different, but I guess it makes things interesting.

The back of the first layer.

Second layer front.

Second layer back.

Back layer.

Back layer back.

Note sure which sheet I like best. Either the first or the last, because of the deer.

And the back has the brand name/logo.

I'm happy with the purchase, everything is just really cute and I'm excited to use them, I just wish I had a reason to!

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  1. I just happened to come across this blog entry today!

    I'm so glad you were happy with everything :3

    I hope you find some use for your items soon!