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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bunny Ice Cream

Bear bonbons, bunny dango, other cute animal styled desserts are thing, right? Especially in the clay sculpting crowd and acrylic charm makers. Bear cupcakes are easy enough, dango is a bit more iffy when it comes to the try colored skewered type. And a drawing of bunnies stacked on top of each other to make a sundae might not translate as nicely. Bunny head styled ice cream is a bit more manageable.

It's like a little octopus jellyfish thing.

And a normal ice cream scoop from behind.

With a cherry on top. I actually ended up tucking away the stem since I didn't want to bother with sealing it so the yarn wouldn't unravel.

Vanilla bunny ice cream. It turned out bigger than I intended. I made a cone first to motivate myself to actually finish this project. I've got a few heads without bodies since they're usually the easiest thing to make and I end up losing some of the initial interest in the project. Like that green bunny with red eyes. Still just a round head with eyes. Not even ears yet.

Anyway, after I made the head, it ended up being too big for the first cone! I figured the head would be smaller while I was making it because of how it would curve in when I would decrease. And it did, and it didn't look too bad. But when I went about adding the ruffles, I'd gone too far and wasn't willing to undo all the work I'd done. So I finished the head anyway and made a new cone. Sometimes it's better to start from the top, sometimes the opposite.

Here's the original cone with a new ice cream scoop better fit. This might be a bear or I might just leave it be.

A friend suggested a while back that I make a strawberry necklace. The crochet thread I have is so thin that making decent sized strawberries takes long and is a little difficult at that size. So...I took the easy way out and just made them with my regular yarn and a smaller hook.

Not too sure I like it much. I think if I removed the white stitched "seeds" and replaced them with little white beads it might look better.

Maybe they'd look better as individual phone charms or something.

Made this who knows how long ago when I first got the fluffy yarn. It's been fluff and a face for a while and I finally got around to giving it limbs! Now I'm not sure what to do with it.

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