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Friday, January 11, 2013

Bunka Face Pins 3

I know, more bunka faces. This time I had a theme. I started these faces on January 5th, which I guess is when I had the last post scheduled to be up! January 5th is Hayao Miyazaki's birthday. In honor of him, I watched some of his movies. I was going to try to watch as many as I could and go in order, but I ended up only watching three, and I skipped Totoro. I know, how could I skip My Neighbor Totoro? I had the order wrong in my head.

I started with Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind then Laputa / Castle in the Sky. Totoro was supposed to be next, but for some reason I thought it was Kiki's Delivery Service. I'll be honest, I wasn't feeling Laputa as I was watching it, but I pushed through it with the excitement that Kiki would be next since it's my favorite. So...I skipped Totoro and went straight to Kiki. No regrets.

Anyway, as I said at the beginning, I had a theme in mind as I made them. Miyazaki film heroines. Loosely based on them, since their colors are very similar and very natural. Either dark or redish hair and dark eyes. While I love that they do look so natural, it doesn't mean much diversity with the pins. I had to make some color changes.

Nausicaa and Sheeta. It's a bit of a stretch to say that these faces are those characters, but I was indeed inspired by them. With Sheeta especially, she's pretty sad through most of the movie, constantly being separated from anything she finds comfort in or trusts. But of course, she powers through it and does it to protect those things too.

Tried to represent her braided pigtails with twisted yarn. Her hair was probably the easiest to interpret in this style.

Sheeta's colors were pink and yellow. She does wear black and white, but her pirate outfit from Dola is what she's more recognized in, especially with the puffy pink pants. After making the pink bonnet, I needed yellow. Pazu and Sheeta land on flowers when they crash into Laputa, so flowers just seemed the way to go.

Nausicaa has red hair. I only have two reds, this red and the darker burgundy red. I think her colors ended up being very patriotic? But also fits her clothing near the end, clad in blue in a field of gold. Minus the gold, since I think that would be too much primary colors...

Surprised expression? I don't know. Lots of surprises in her movie. Lord Yupa returns. Tolmekian airship. Ancient warrior thing? I just wanted to give her a different mouth.

Kiki! Black hair, black dress, red bow. Kiki had the most limiting color palette. Red's her signature color because of the bow. Rhinestones for the sparkly/shiny shoes that were too expensive for her to buy, and white bows for her undergarments and in the beginning she told her mom that lilac or white would look better on her.

Cute, smiley, and extra blushy. Kiki actually has colored cheeks in the movie, which I guess I exaggerated a little much. She's got large eyes, since she's a hopeful thirteen year old.

Kiki might be the biggest pin. These bunka faces seriously just keep getting bigger and I don't know how...

I didn't get around to watching Porco Rosso, which is the movie that comes after Kiki. Fio's spunky and smart, and another red head. I forgot that I had another bag of yarn, but no red. Pink though I figured I could work with. Fio's got a blue check shirt and a darker blue scarf/ascot/thing. Pearls are just for decoration.

She's got focused eyes because she wants people to know that she deserves respect.

Fio and Kiki look so big compared to Sheeta and Nausicaa...It's kind of getting ridiculous with the sizes.

I also made a sweater for my catnip since things are kinda cold here.

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