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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

MokoMoko Animals

I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier on the weekend it came out. Highly recommend. Before the movie, my friends and I shopped around the area. I don't live anywhere near where we saw it, so it was a bit more exciting and interesting for me. On impulse I bought more fluffy yarn, something I have a love/hate relationship with. It's cute, it's soft, but damn is it hard to see stitches when working with it. This is a little different since it's not fluffy all around but closer to eye-lash type yarn. I got it in 2 colors, white and pink.

Eager to use my new yarn, I made quite a few things like bats. Or snowmen, since that's what the white one kind of looks like.

I even chained some plastic pearls myself ! It was actually pretty annoying since I don't have the right kind of pliers for it, but I tried.

I also went back to the animal ice cream idea, this time a panda to make use of both yarn.

Having two layers of fluff made putting the eyes in a bit easier since I didn't have to force the lock down too far. I think I'll get sew on eyes next time. I just have so many of these right now.

At first I considered making it a charm like the bunny, something to hang off a purse or backpack, but as I was digging through the supplies donated by my sister I found some chain.

I'm glad I did too, because I think it looks ridiculously cute as a necklace.

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