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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Strawberry Bows

Pink strawberries and minty bows are totally spring colors. At the last monthly lolita swapmeet I heard a girl comment that the red/brown strawberry bow was cute but mori, or something to that effect. I sold the other pastel one at the meetup before, so after that it seemed like a good idea to make more of the pink strawberries. It's seasonal and even though most of the girls that showed up to that meet up were wearing black (including myself) there are still others strongly into sweet !

Break down of pieces! Since I hadn't made strawberries in a while I fudged around with the stitches. So each set of strawberries is different from the other sets.

Assembly planning.


This one ended up being an almost copy of the red/brown bow, except the bow itself is different. I was a little too lazy to make it layered.

To change things up and use a different color I busted out the blue and made a more tied ribbon type of bow. It's made of three pieces, the loop is one piece and the tails are both separate. I think I was also over making strawberries and didn't think a single berry would look right with the usual bow.

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