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Monday, April 7, 2014

"Jude" by DROPS Design

Another Christmas craft, this time for Lolita Secret Santa. This was made using a part of this DROPS Design pattern. I liked the look of the center with the rose and such and made a small shoulder pouch instead of a backpack. The creamy yellow fabric is what I used for lining.

This is where I stopped, since I got the main part of the pattern I liked. I didn't want it to be a big bag, but rather an accent piece that you could also fit your phone or something into.

The pattern said to make the main piece twice so it would be the same on both sides. Honestly, I was too lazy and it didn't seem necessary since only one side would show. Instead, I just made a big granny square. I think it looks fine.

I'm a dummy and didn't take a picture with the strap... The strap is just a braid of yarn.

To add more interest I sewed in a few glass pearls. Gives it a touch of elegance.
I ended up liking the purse so much I was super tempted to keep it for myself. But that would be selfish, so I made another in a light green for myself !

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