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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Crafty Package Time!

Let's make Crafty Package Time a thing. Kind of like Happy Package Time [even though that isn't a thing here either...], but with craft specific packages. So...mostly yarn. It won't be a regular thing of course, because I can't afford to go buying a bunch of craft stuff all the time, but every once and a while a big package post might show up. And I'm making a tag for it. YEP.

The giant package! Bow for size reference.

I was not expecting the stuffing to be on top. But I guess it makes sense, since it does serve as padding for the box. Not that a box of yarn really needs padding anyway. Although, if I were scissor crazy while opening it, cutting into the stuffing would be better than cutting into the yarn...well done packaging people!

The yarn! I actually ordered two brushes for a school project, which I almost freaked out about not being in here. They were wrapped up in plastic and in with the yarn. I thought they'd be wrapped and free floating in the box. No picture though.

My usual brand of yarn: Caron Simply Soft. It's got quite an array of colors. The gray, blues, and yellow are for an amigurumi commission. They'll be used for making Dororo of Keroro Gunso / Sgt. Frog.

In return for sharing and donating supplies, I'll be making an amigurumi monkey for Christine De La Creme with the blue. And the black is for another commission! A high neck collar with fancy scalloped edging. Two commissions and I've already spent what I'd be making from them. I shouldn't do that...

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  1. Yaaaaay! >w< Can't wait!!! <3 I love how we barter our things and services with each other xD hahaha