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Friday, November 9, 2012

Collars and Sparkles

After a sudden urge to crochet a collar without a pattern, I did it. I did however have to look up how to do ribbed stitching with crochet. Just crochet in the back loops. I'm sure I looked this up before, but at least now I know for sure.
Made the above collar in one night, around 6 hours maybe? I don't know. It's still not done, I don't have buttons for it. My boyfriend did wear it at the Haunted Chessboard party, and it was held together with two flowers on a wire. It needs 4 buttons though...I don't know what I was thinking.

But---it was liked enough to be commissioned to make another! So here, have some pictures!

Buttons for the collar! Pack of 3, determined how many button holes to make.

It's a little different than my own, changed how many single and double crochets (7sc, 8dc instead of 5sc, 10dc)

Looks pretty cool from above like this.

Before starting the commission though, while I was still waiting for the package to come in, I made two  sweet styled collars with the fuzzy yarn. Used the blue for the first time!

Since it's fuzzy, I figured it wouldn't show the detail in the stitching like the other yarn. And because it's simple, it can be worn more casually.

I found this ribbon in the bag of the fuzzy yarn. I forgot I bought it! Made into a detachable bow.

Different approach with the pink, using only one button, but still the same process.

I bought 3 button sets. I originally intended to use the clear one for the pink collar, but I think I want to save it for another collar. Or something.

Also bought rhinestones. Because they were pretty. And they're being stored in a tea tin that I'm glad to be using, so it's not just taking up space in my room.

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