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Thursday, November 29, 2012


I recently acquired a long frame that I intend to use for future artist alleys. I've seen lots of people use fancy frames to display jewelry and they look so nice. I figure this would be idea for showing off my stuff too since it elevates the product and puts it in view. Let's be real, my table set up was terrible. Hopefully this will be more attention grabbing.

Cat fabric donated by my friend Karena. Cat fabric is always wonderful.

Surprisingly the scrap mat board was already a good enough size that I didn't need to cut it or piece two together. I got to go straight to gluing the fabric on.

More glue, some lace, and then the frame. Quick and easy craft. A little messy in the back, but really, who's going to see it?

The frame is so long, it's kind of hard to photograph in my space... It's about 9x20.5 inches.

These cats are so great.

Originally I was going to pin/clip my hair accessories to it until I needed it for artist alley, but after the last lab day in my photo class, I wanted to display the pictures I printed out. I had a lot of left over photo paper and used 11 sheets. I have more pictures, but not enough frame!

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