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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kawaii to Kowai

To get out of doing a Flash animation for my artist and computer class, I said I knew how to use it [which i sort of do...]. In place of Flash, I had to learn Dreamweaver, which I still barely know how to use. I learned enough to put a 4 page website together though! If I actually had it available online I'd link it. I can however share the artwork I drew up for it!

The teacup above was really just a last minute picture I put together since I didn't know what to put on the main page and needed to fill space...That's why it's so sloppy and generic.

The idea for the website was Kawaii to Kowai / Cute and Scary. I really didn't know what kind of content I wanted on the website at first, and Kawaii to Kowai was just a placeholder title. Clearly it ended up sticking. I started with drawing a cute lolita, because I wanted the intro page to have her be there to "greet" visitors. I drew her body first as a template and then the rest on other layers.

When the mouse hovers over her, the image would rollover and become a 'scary' version. Using the same body template and the cute version as a guideline, I changed the coloring, some details, and made her more guro-lolita.

The navigation bar linked to three different pages. Anatomy, Adoration, and Answers. Anatomy described the anatomy of cute and scary, more specifically the way I portrayed it. On each side of this split picture were bullet points pointing out what made it cute [ex. pigtails, blush, boots with bows] and what made it scary [ex. bloody, eye patch, unnatural/sickly skin].

Just like the teacup above, I needed to fill space! So I whipped up these two to hang out on the pages. Honestly, the website was more cute than it was scary just because of the style. Mostly going for the creepy cute idea [not style though, since guro-loli is certainly not creepycute/pastelgoth], but I just liked the way Kawaii to Kowai looked and sounded.

I quite like how these two look, and if I ever do make charms or anything that requires art I think I'm going to use them. They're going to need names though! Please help me out! What do you think their names should be?

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