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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Little bunny tails? Maybe.

Comic Con San Diego is this week. Even though I don't have tickets, I'll still be hanging around this Saturday with the lolita community. In the spirit of convention-y stuff, I'll be dressed in a Fluttershy themed/inspired coordinate. Mostly wearing pink and cream. Since it isn't cosplay, I won't be wearing a wig, but I need something to signify character.

Made three butterflies like her cutie-mark. I wanted to make a hairclip, but I didn't have the supplies to connect the butterflies so I could stick a clip behind just one.

Instead, I stuck pin backs on all of them and made a flower for them to rest on. Now it's more of a headdress with a headband through it. It'll serve it's purpose and now I can pin the butterflies on anything.

The flower is just temporary. I didn't cut the yarn after it was done, but instead wove it into the back several times. I'll likely take it apart when I actually need the vanilla color.

Made a teeny bunny too to go on a wrist-strap styled phonestrap, but it didn't look as good with it.

Currently on a white strap with a flower. Not sure what to do with it yet.

All of my finished stuff in a shoe/boot box.

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