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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pastel Straps

I made this rabbit head with the intention of making a mini scarf, even finished the scarf part and made one leg. Then I got over it, leaving me with a head, a leg that I may have already lost, and a 'scarf' body. Because I really liked the phone strap made for the giveaway and wanted to make more. Cute AND practical.

So after making the blue strap, it seemed bare. Wove a chain of fluffy yarn through it, still too plain.

Solution? Stick the bunny head on it. I also tinted the cheeks with red dye to add more cute.

Strappy. I can actually slip my fingers into it and hold it, but I do have small hands. Of course, one only needs to be able to slip at least one finger into it to pull up whatever it's attached to.

At first I gave the bunny strap fluffy edging before adding the head, but it seemed too wide so I pulled it all out. I still wanted to make a fluffy edged strap.

Black ribbon because it needed some kind of contrast and to balance the weight of the fluff balls.

I made these not too long ago with purpose of dangling them from a strap. Easier than making regular pompoms for sure.

This one's shorter than the other, but oh so soft...
I'm not sure which of the two I like more.


I got a little bored and decided to glue yarn to some of my cards after adding the facebook and twitter info to the back...

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