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Monday, February 27, 2012

"The mushroom of course!"

Been a while since my last update... I haven't been doing much, bad me! I really need to get stuff done...

Embroidered a mushroom onto a bow made from the left overs of hemmed jeans. It's kinda random. I need a better headband to slide it onto.

Luna P. I cut it out and I think I lost it @_@ 

Haven't posted pictures of my cat in a while either. Here she is on my Wii. She's also on it as I type. She really likes being on it, now that it's plugged in. I guess it's warm or whirring or something.

This fish tank used to be in the backyard, but my dad moved it inside to make it more...fish friendly. The water use to be super green and murky. After he cleaned it out, it turns out there were only two fish! We've got two mosquito fish, a black moor goldfish, a few platys, three gold fish, three neon tetras and some other tiny fish [picture taken before they were added].

It's hard to get a photo of my goldfish. He's got googly eyes!

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