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Friday, February 3, 2012

Cherry Choco Bunny

An amigurumi cupcake inspired this bunny. It had "chocolate sauce" and a cherry, but I didn't have much cupcake material, or rather, I didn't want to make one since I could be using my colors for other things. White the experimental yarn, and this time it went into a bunny! A difficult bunny at that. It gave me a lot of trouble.

Round ball head to start. Probably the easiest part. Except for the eyes. For some reason, I didn't expect that putting in the safety eyes would be so hard at this size! But because it's smaller, it's less space to hold onto to push the washer down...

Chocolate sauce. Kind of weird to make, made it up as I went.

Testing. And sewed an X for it's nose/mouth.

Wasn't sure how to go about making ears, so I just went with flat ones to have lay under the chocolate. I hadn't really thought the ear part through when I was making the chocolate, so there wasn't enough room to actually have ears poking up.

Test body! Turned out too big and round...

...and frog like. Had to scrap it. I'll probably make a frog out of it later.

Smaller body, more marshmallow like in shape!

Now with arms and legs! Without ears. It's kind of strange looking, isn't it? And the left arm is raised more than the other. Seems like it needs a prop because of that.


No tail yet. But I'm thinking of maybe another cherry.

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