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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I totally forgot that I had phone straps that needed to be used. Lots of them. I started out making phone straps, so I guess it's time to get back into it! Of course, the first time was with mini bows, but really I make enough bows as it is, I need more fandom related things for Anime Conji. A quick pick that's attention grabbing and cheap. That sort of thing is important when it comes to Artist Alley tables, right?

Top of my unwritten list of fandoms is Puella Magi Madoka Magica and at the top of the character list is Kyuubey. I really hate Kyuubey to be honest. I didn't like him the moment I saw him. His eyes are just so...EVIL. But you can't have a Magical Girl series without the token cat/rabbit creature. Eyes aside, the design is interesting and different. I mean, it does have cat AND rabbit ears!

My favorite witch, Charlotte. The first is pretty basic, just a headshot. I'm really quite fond of the second one, although it's a bit big. It's based on her card[?] that I came across while doing some research. I like Charlotte's backstory too. It's sad. But she's so cute. And I didn't like Mami much either [but not as much as I disliked Sayaka]. I'll probably make another with her other half/part/face[?].

I just love Ponies. Pinkie Pie sketch. She was just the easiest to design a charm for. The strap would be attached to the center balloon. Apple Jack is likely to come next with her lasso and probably Rarity with fabric or her butterfly wings. As for the rest, I need to get a bit creative with how to have them kind of interactive with the strap/dangle aspect.

Cut, covered, and attached to straps! Just prototypes though, since none of them are good enough quality and the size issue...

Kyuubey could be just a little smaller, but this size works okay mostly because of the shape, so it wasn't too difficult to slip the strap over him. It's still too much of a hassle though and will be fixed.

Charlotte head was just perfect for the most part. I messed up a little sealing it, but that aside, perfect!

Way too big! Had to bend it more than I would have liked to get the strap around her. She's going to have to shrink quite a bit. That aside, I like how she looks as a strap.

Phone standing to see how it dangles.

I think making straps like these will definitely get me to draw more things that I'm comfortable with, since my drawing classes involve things I don't really care about drawing about. I mean, I knew what I was getting into with Figure Drawing, so I actually don't mind the stuff in that class. I suppose more specifically Drawing II, since all the stuff we're covering is super basic as a sort of "review" [1-point perspective, contour drawing, modeling/shading...] with boring as hell subjects. Even though I really didn't like the Madoka anime, there were still aspects that I liked and don't mind drawing.

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  1. Those are super awesome. I wish I had enough artistic ability to make things like that. Though then again, arts and crafts are often seemed as sort of a girly thing. -.-;