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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

AC Prep: Melty Bows

Diving into new things. Sort of, they're still bows, but at least they're not crochet. Either way, it's nice to be working on something different.

My "work station." I'm pretty much out of the mint ribbon, no surprise there since it was cheap and came with ric-rac. I'm surprised I still have black and brown ribbon actually, since I've had both for about a year now. I guess I just don't use ribbon as much, but I'm think I definitely should now.

All the little bows before being "iced." I seem to like making things in sets of four...although, in this case it's more influenced by how many mint bows I could get out of the ribbon and I just wanted to stay in theme.

I have a bunk bed and use the boards that support the second bed as a sort of ribbon board, but without the ribbon of course. I also tack things to the mattress too. It just seemed like the safest place to stick the bows that I know my cats wouldn't touch and it would all the bows to just hang freely to dry. Although, as you can see I accidentally got some of the red paint on the mattress...Oh well...

Bloody black bows / melty black bows. I iced one with white though, just to see how it looked. I quite like both though.

Mint-chocolate iced bows. I want to turn these into phone straps with a piece of chocolate to dangle below it with white icing. I'll probably work on that today!

Minty melty bows.

These were originally going to be phone straps, but after deciding I didn't know how to make them look nice as straps [i made one with the bow from the other post, and it's not as fabulous as i'd like], next was going to be necklaces. However, since they're so small, bracelet seemed to be a better fit.

All together! I might make bracelet that's all bows chained together.