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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ice Cream

Ice cream, because it's a hot summer. The original ice cream bunny I made was pretty well received so I made a panda fairly recently. Animal ice cream is a million times easier than making a full plush, so why not make more? I went into my stash and found a cute pastel yarn and got to work!

A bear with a button face! I figured the pink for eyes went well enough. The yarn reminds me a little of bubblegum ice cream, a flavor I really hate, haha. The ruffling in the front are also sort of like the French flag with the sections of blue, white, and pink (red). I had also made a bunny with the same brown as the bear in the first picture, but it sold before I took proper pictures. Oops.

I figure not everyone is into large cones and since I have an abundance of zipper pulls, smaller ice cream was next. I made a few different colors and by suggestion, made a pokemon themed one. Pikachu was the most obvious choice.

For the plain cones I just went with colors I had the most of. I don't often see blue ice cream or a green so...green, but whatevs, right?

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