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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pink Dragon Friend

I mentioned in the previous post that animal ice cream cones were a million times easier than making full plush. I meant it. This little dragon took me two days to make. To me, that's way too long for something this small. I mean, sure, there were some distractions along the way, but still. At least it turned out cute.

Here's some concept sketches~

Things really didn't start out bad. Round head, body...I made the body as one piece, starting from the tail. I tried to give it a slight curve. I wonder if making them separate would have been better.

The legs were just tedious. I think that's why full animals aren't always my favorite, because making the limbs are just boring! At least they were pretty small. After assembly it reminded me of slowpoke, sans white details.

Dragon friend complete!

Tried to make the end of the tail look like it had fur or whatever sticking out, but it looks more like a bird foot...

I think the neck ruff turned out well, but the antlers might be a little thick. They could definitely be a little longer, but over all, dragon friend looks good!

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