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Friday, July 25, 2014

Blue and Black Bats

Continuing from the Pink Bats post that featured a little blue bat, bigger blue bats came into the making in the same style as the pink. The blue and grey matched well enough to keep the same color scheme as before, but I swapped the light blue for a darker yarn on the bow at the neck.

I tried to keep the wings uniform this time, but the ears were made from scraps like the pink, but again, character and individuality!

Here they are with the pink for size comparison.


Since the pink and blue were so cute, it was only a matter of time before I tried black. Because the yarn I used for the other two were bargain-bin yarn, I was unable to find black in the same style and had to settle for a different yarn. While not even close to being the same, it's still got a bit of a fluffy look without actually being fluffy. I would like to get a more appropriate black yarn in the future though.

I kept the style similar to the other two bats, using black rhinestones and red heart blush, but that didn't quite suit the bat in the same way. I only have two rhinestone colors and the white was just too blingy for eyes, but the black almost disappear. Still cute however, and remind me of human Luna from the Sailor Moon S movie.

I had gotten suggestions of using red and took it into my own hands to color the white rhinestones. Surprisingly it worked out well! And they came out looking like little demon/vampire bats with fangs added~ So adorably evil.

Even had a little fun and made a monster bat inspired by Monster Hat Emporium for my personal use.

And for a slightly more elegant approach, a gold eyed bat with a glittered gold rose.

Bats are awesome.

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