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Thursday, May 29, 2014

KiguKids Prototypes

After the previous dolly mishap, I tried another approach. I used the same face idea because that was the only thing I liked about the other doll. Unfortunately I didn't get other progress pictures of the first two prototypes, but I got a few of the third and final one.

Prototype 1 had a similar face and style to the first doll, but was too wide to fit in the face hole. Prototype 2 the eyes were moved closer together. At that point I noticed the problem was also the body itself. I remade the pattern and made it symmetrical as well as used circular objects to trace around.

By the third prototype making things simpler with the hair was the best way to go. I also changed the eyes a little since I could not seem to make them symmetrical the other way.

Better face fit and better body!

Here's the line up of Three, Two, and One!

Prototype One with the wide face. The body was also a little lumpy, but I blame my stuffing distribution.

Prototype Two with a narrower face, but face hole wasn't round enough. Had to cover up the weird shape with the bow made from scraps from the first KiguKid.

Look at that perfectly round face! Everything about Prototype Three turned out perfect. I think the color scheme and fabric used also work the best too.

 Expect to see more of these kiddos around. I love making them and they're great for using up all those fabric scraps from when I tried making doll clothing.

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