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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pastel Fluff Bows

Nothing gets me fired up to make stuff like having an opportunity to sell in person. I was invited to a cosplay swapmeet/picnic last weekend and decided that I needed to have more variety in my stuff. I'd bought this yarn a while ago and only really used it for accents like on the fluff phone straps or making fluff balls. It's way easier to knit fluffy yarn because I don't have to worry about missing stitches. However, my knitting skills are extremely limited, so I made what I usually make! BOWS!

Took this on assembly-line style! I made all the bases first then wrapped the centers for the bow shape. Since I have black rhinestones I wanted to make use of them more and accented two bows with black.

Stars and sparkles! The black ones both have dark blue-gray stars while the white ones are blue and yellow. I have a lot of blue stars and normally I use pink, but the yarn has yellow in it so yellow seemed like a good way to change things up.

Also made larger bows instead of the usual 2-way styled ones. These have pin backs on the top corners so that can be pinned onto shirts across the chest or on a backpack.

Each pair of bows mirror their "pair" so they can be worn as a pair or shared between friends. Friendship Bows, perhaps?

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