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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

KiguKids Red Twins + Mini

After finalizing the kigukid design, it was time to make some for the shop! Again, I dug through my fabric stash and found some oriental patterned stuff that came in a pack. Since there were two red types, making twins sounded like a cute idea

I even made a mini kigukid as an anon suggested.

Here they are together for size differences. The mini is so tiny and pretty cute in comparison.

I stuck to the same eye-style as before. I think this will be the permanent eyes.

Even the mini has the same face! It's like a younger sibling.

Stuffing as I go. When I had to reload the thread on the needle, it was a good time for a progress pic. I don't take much of those. I didn't take any progress pics of the other since it would be similar enough.

Here they are together! Their bows are made from each other's fabric.

To make the most of the fabric, I laid the pattern over the nice parts that would just get lost if used on the front side.

Family Portrait~

And here's the mini alone. So cute!

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