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Monday, May 26, 2014

Twin Bow Sets + Necklaces

More stock made for the picnic/swap. Sadly, nothing sold, but that just means more for the online shop! I used most of what was left of the pink and white mokomoko yarn. There's still a teeny bit left that I'm unsure what to do with at the moment. I knitted 4 sets of hairpins, 2 pink and 2 white.

For variety, I made a set with rhinestone accents, each bow having one heart in a corner.

And the other set with pearls because you can't go wrong with pearls! I think I'm starting to run low on them now though. Not that you can see them, but the pink bows have silver hairpins and the white ones have gold colored hairpins.

I still have lots of this fuzzy baby yarn that I got on discount a while back that I don't use often. I mostly have lots of the blue since I think I used up all the white I have and the pink still has a decent amount. No pearl or rhinestone accents since the blue is busy enough already.

I also made a single animal head necklace. I've been so reserved in using my colored eyes since they were a little pricey, or rather, I'm more accustomed to buying packs of plain black eyes. I used a gold pair for this. I figured it would make a cute pin too, so I stuck a pin back into it so that it could be removed from the chain and worn that way instead.

Now, this ice cream here was originally going to be triple scooped, but the pastel fluffy yarn didn't look as good with it so it just got two scoops. Still cute though and three might have made it look too long.

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