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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

White is a safe color

White is a safe color. Why? Because it's white, you can pretty much make anything with white. And you can color it afterward if needed. White is my default color for experimenting with patterns because I know that in the end, if the pattern turns out well, it'll also look nice in white too! I don't really like buying specific colors unless I purpose in mind for them, or else they just sit in my stash.

Currently I'm making a case/cover/sock/whatever for my 3DS. Decided to knit one because I like how ribbing looks. I've been reminded of why I don't knit much. I probably hold the needles wrong, but my hands tend to hurt after a while.

I bought crochet thread the other day, of course in white! Now I can really make mini amigurumi things. My creativity well is suffering a bit of a drought, so my first creation is a mini doll sized bunny scarf.

On my old Gameboy Color for scale. Figured this was more fun than using a quarter.

Seed bead eyes since the little safety eyes I have are too big for this particular bunny. They make it look too bug eyed. Since the size more doll friendly, there was no reason for practicality in terms of the actual scarf part. I usually crochet it on the round so that it's twice as thick to keep warm. In this case it's not necessary. I had to adjust the pattern a little bit since I didn't want it too big. It's more Yo-SD and MSD friendly.

Any suggestions on what tiny creations I should make?

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